A friend of mine and I, over beers, decided the only thing that was shocking anymore was sincerity. And i say this with out a shred of irony.

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IMG_1797 2

5th dimensional morphing space-time machine


Art making isn’t like dancing or modeling; it’s not something where — if you missed it by age 19 — you’re finished. It’s never too late. You will only get better as you get older and wiser. If you make something beautiful and important, and the right person somehow discovers it, they will look at it and/or go see it— at any age. At least try.



A Russian documentary on Kal Spelletich from the mid 1990’s.

Warriors Canal

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Happy Spring!

Last year a ditch was dug in the future Warriors lot at Illinois and 3rd. Streets, near my studio. It is on my commute line, so i often pass it once or twice a day.

Sept. 5, 2016

The ditch has dried out a bit over the summer, but still holds water! This week I spotted what I believe are egrets in it. A first time siting. The ducks, geese and red wing Blackbirds seem to have moved on.



The ditch is fairly deep about 15 feet below the street level. After the rains started in the fall, it has been filled, then an algae bloom happened.
The past few weeks there have been ducks, geese and their goslings living in what has essentially become an estuary, it must be deep enough for bay/fresh water to keep it filled….. There are Red Winged Black Birds Heron and a few other birds living off of it too. Green growth all around it.


Anyways, i have been dumbstruck with it’s beauty, and nature’s ease of reclaiming a fenced in inaccessible landfill lot in the middle of massive redevelopment. And, the original nature of most of SF’s original waterfront.

I have watched a lot of changes out in this neighborhood since 1985, but this is one of the most hopeful and beautiful.

A wonderful metaphor that all entities may return to their “Original Nature”. One’s purest state. Applicable both personally, locally and globally.



And Go Warriors!
all hugs,


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3 Art Things happening this month of May, 2016

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I have three Art Things happening this month.

photos©barbara_traub 6


1. Saturday, MAY14,  2016. 7-11 P.M.
Spelletich, Kadyk: small sculptures, sound and moving parts

2. Sunday May 15, 2016.
Catharine Clark Gallery 25th Anniversary.
11 A.M.-3 P.M.

3. Paris, Berlin, Nice/Monaco May 16-May 31.
I will be on the European continent if anyone is there as well, has suggestions for these cities and or wants to have a cup of coffee, tea, beer, wine or champagne.

1. Saturday, MAY14, 7-11 P.M.
Spelletich, Kadyk: small sculptures, sound and moving parts
Home made guitars and sound machinerobots.
The Lost Door 1828 Illinois St., S.F., Ca.
Free Art Food while it lasts. This is one of the best venues in SF if not anywhere, hands down and will be a very special night.
Art by Kal Spelletich and Patrick Kadyk with music by Ruby Howl, Tom Greenwood, and The J&L.  Free, BBQ and kids welcome. Doors 7, music 9.

2. Sunday May 15, 2016.
One Day Only.
Catharine Clark Gallery 25th Anniversary

3. Paris, Berlin, Nice/Monaco May 16-May 31.
I will be on the european continent if anyone is there as well, has suggestions for these cities and or wants to have a cup of coffee, tea, beer, wine or champagne. Thanks to the Jules Maeght Gallery http://julesmaeghtgallery.com/ and the Foundation Maeght. http://www.fondation-maeght.com/en/

A Dada Centennial Celebration

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This is an event this Wednesday at Stanford I am running some ridiculous robots at. Truly an historic lineup.  A Dada Centennial Celebration.

13 april 2016

Where: Li Ka Shing LK130

* composer Luciano Chessa,
* philosopher Jonathon Keats,
* cellist and composer Theresa Wong,
* Burning Man festival’s cofounder John Law,
* kinetic sculptor Kal Spelletich,
* art/science collective “The L.A.S.T. Ensemble”,
* avantgarde historian Cosana Eram,
* Maria Makela and Thomas Haakenson of the California College of the Arts,
* technofinancial analyst Jinxia Niu (Zheshang magazine, China),
* cultural revolutionary Fabrice Florin,
* art historian Boris Magrini (live from Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire)
* Stanford’s CCRMA,
* plus Dada videos, poems and documents

Details, directions, parking, links at http://scaruffi.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=f40a892b53aac91f16340752d&id=d07e1b019b&e=0801aef174

You can watch it live on your mobile device by using
periscope @lasertalks
or twitter @lasertalks
You can watch it live on your personal computer by using

And you can tweet questions.

Free and open to the public.
No RSVP required.
Thanks and don’ mess it up this time+

Technology and Consciousness: Artificial Intelligence and Art

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Technology and Consciousness: Artificial Intelligence and Art

4. KalOpticon.JPG

  • April 7, 2016
  • 7:00 pm
  • First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
    1187 Franklin Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109





What is technologies roll in art and society?
Art doing something deeper?

Ken-What are robot best at? What are humans best at? What about the grey area where these two things are evolving?

Can a robot respond to ones soul/represent your soul??
hybrid human machine systems/subverting the role of technology
a new way to instill consciousness.
Sensors that respond to ones individuality, they aren’t programmed
can machine robots convey their audiences personality/emotions?
making consciousness manifested physically.
Robots that sense you, respond uniquely each time.

The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck. -Paul Virilio
Global social media-Global surveillance and propaganda machine
-Robot carers for elderly people are ‘another way of dying even more miserably’
-tech produces more tech, cars encourage the production of more gas and gas refiners.
-“If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?”
Drone attacks, surveillance society, Stalking,.
Hacking home security systems.
When you aim to solve every problem for rich people as opposed to the real issues of income inequality, sustainable cities and climate change.
ALL  the breakthroughs are for the military

The luddities didn’t have it all wrong, they were trying to protect their livelihoods. Their families, as a new technology comes in can’t we take care of the displaced ones?

The Hackers are the real revolutionaries.
“If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?”
There are 2 solutions: 1; basic universal income, 2; get rid of money/capitalism entirely.
-Privacy is the next currency
This all makes art all the more important.
To leave the planet a little weirder.
Art can’t advance without experimentation and support
Art always wins

Your book Humans Need Not Apply – what made you interested in Artificial Intelligence?
The Future of AI?

Computer program, AlphaGo, which defeated the master 1000 TIMES HARDER THAN CHESS.
DEFINE Artificial Intelligence?
RACIST ChatBot that Microsoft/Twitter.


My Ocean Gal

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Show is up now, March 12, 2016–until March 31st.
Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Opening Event on March 19th, 3pm-6pm
surfboard repair then music:
Julius Smack (Los Angeles)
Cat Mahatta (Oakland)
At Gospel Flats Farmstand Gallery



My Ocean Gal
Co-curated by Ethan Rafal and Dana Dart-McLean , My Ocean Gal is inspired by Padmasambhava, an 8th century Buddhist figure, who is said to have brought Buddhism to Tibet, as an original embodiment of “crazy wisdom,” and Venus, the goddess of love and luck who emerged out of a shell from foam on the waves. This show brings together 22 artists and 25 works, photos, sculpture, painting, writing, performance and digital art, that relate to the theme of the ocean as a figure of crazy wisdom, love, and luck. The works explore the human use of mythic figures to hold unimaginable complexity with story. Some stories are best told through the muteness of sculptural objects. Artists and writers included in the show are Chris Johanson, Liz Harris, Shelter Serra, Ivory Serra , Kal Spelletich, poet Alli Warren, Brian Getnick, Emily Prince, Morgan Ritter, Robert Glass, Amy Johnson, Sam Freeman, Tanya Milosevich, Lauren Hartman, Midori Hirose, Lindsey White, David Wilson, Danielle Mourning, and Liz Harris.





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Harvey Postcard


1040 NORTH DUTTON AVE, SANTA ROSA, CA. Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 5-7 P.M.

Lots of artists with a machine of mine as well!
See you there.