Photographs, Etchings And Drawings

Laser Etched Marble and Paper-

Laser Etched Drawings, Photos and Theroems.

This is a project to safeguard precious literature, ideas, images and texts by literally carving images into marble. For instance a sketch by Charles Darwin as he was conceiving the science of evolution, specifically the branching pattern of evolution that resulted from a process he called natural selection is etched on Marble with Fossils embedded in it.

I am creating a version of a time capsule via hard copy. Inspired by the Rosetta Stone to the Roanoke Tablets (the Dare Stones), to cave art to Egyptian cuneiform.
I have been thinking about the current attacks on science, loss of wisdom, knowledge, encryption, keys, hieroglyphics, cryptograms, translations, poetry, information security, confidentiality, hacking, data integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, passwords, media rights and censorship in my lifetime as well as other times.

As George Orwell recognized: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
From the burning of The Library of Alexandria to safeguarding against censors, book burners and the inevitable digital crash – How can pertinent knowledge be saved?

Kal Spelletich



Some Photographs and Drawings:

With Your Head in the Clouds


“Wheres My Jetpack?!” exhibit.

“The Cologne Inspector” exhibit.

“Intention Machines” exhibit.


“Prague Flight Systems While Arming The Trees” exhibit.

“Lights Spaces And Times Modulator” exhibit.





space kids ride copy 2

From the exhibit; The Capp Street Aeronautical and Lighter Than Air Program

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