ARTS BENICIA 7/2013 Installation “MORNING GLORY”


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I am very happy to be in residence at the Arts Benicia Artist in Residency (ABAiR)Program for Site- Specific Installation ArtistsIMG_8853The exhibit opens on Saturday August 3, 2013 7-9PM.I will BB-Q with my walking BB-Q, serving tea from my tea ceremony machine and, there will be plenty to drink at the opening. 747 0131info@artsbenicia.org991 Tyler street , #114Benicia, CA94510Benicia is about 42 miles North of San Francisco on the delta.

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Slide Show pics by: Stacey Carter



There are 9 new installations/machines displayed in their fantastic space, complete with a large front deck patio looking out on the water.

Video of the gallery sized instrument the attendees operate with their vibrations:

I have shot around 30 short video clips of local people “Looking Hopefully Towards The Future for 15-60 seconds”. It is displayed on 4 video monitors.

I built an interactive installation using robotics, sensors, video, audio and local found objects. I composed a functioning composition in the gallery using technology and locally sourced materials. There is a “Vine” stretched across the room, with a robotic arm playing it controlled by the viewers aura or the robots react from sensory experience and input not a computer brain, hence they are run by the audience. by touch, sound, wind, heartbeat, etc. a new way to instill consciousness.

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I will give an artists talk on Saturday, August 10 1-3PM.

And host a workshop Sunday August 18th, 1-5PM.

Gallery hours are 12-5 PM, Thursday-Sunday

The exhibit is finished!


  • The morning glory represents “love in vain” for whatever outside circumstances according to the Victorian language of flowers.
  • Ethnobotany


IMG_8934A Spinning Rock

I am interested in work that encourages dialogical interaction and confronts complex issues concerning identity, agency, responsibility, and the many varieties of communication. To explore new forms of interpersonal communication through touch, force-feedback technology, intimacy, social interaction via technology, machines, robots, fear play, human and animal interaction, rite of passage and empowerment.

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I propose to crowd-source public fields of energy. To harvest human energy and tap into the power of intention. To use the public as a tuning fork. To explore a variety of experimental approaches for the investigation of unexplained phenomena that might help to enlarge our scientific view of the world. Can technology do spiritual work? Can technology get us back in touch with a deeper level?

IMG_8922A Drawing Machine that can Draw either the Sun or Moon

directions for sun and moon drawing machine

directions for sun and moon drawing machine

Heuristic (/hjʉˈrɪstɨk/; Greek: “Εὑρίσκω”, “find” or “discover”) refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery that give a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal. Where the exhaustive search is impractical, heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding a satisfactory solution via mental shortcuts to ease the cognitive load of making a decision. Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, stereotyping, or common sense.

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Closeup of Drawing Machine






“VIBE OF THE ROOM”, cable strung across room that sounds the space and is played by machine that your aura sends out.


assistant, sidekick and mentor

assistant, sidekick and mentor


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A Morning Glory from the front patio


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