Research & Survival in the Arts Class

This is a class I am teaching, message me if you are interested.tobor__@hotmail. com

Small Tree machine copy

Research & Survival in the Arts
Instructor: Kal Spelletich
Time: To Be determined
Price: $180.00 for 6 classes
$320.00 for 12 classes
This class is about building a skill-set to help you survive as an artist, be it in the trades or building your art. We will explore: building installations, carpentry, home-brewing, gorilla gardening, electric wiring, robotics, fire-making, fixing things, plumbing, pnu-matics, pumps, water purification, high-voltage electricity, video surveillance, electronic interfaces, scavenging for materials, cooking alternatives, solar power, skinning a rabbit, lighting, remote control systems, survivalist contemporary art history, and promoting and exhibiting your art. This class will have local visiting artists. We will incorporate elements of time, process, interactivity, performance, light and space, installation, video and how to realize these practices in a contemporary conceptual way.

Possible Class Assignments:
• Build a linkage for a robot with a motor.
• Wire a light fixture, and then turn it into an art piece.
• Fix your plumbing.
• Learn to weld steel in 15 minutes.

Build something like this;

Or this maybe?

I am flexible with class meetings, email me to set up a date! Sunday afternoons a class is meeting or we can do one-on-one classes.
You can pick anything from the list of topics or we can work on a specific project of your own. Are you stuck on an idea? We can figure it out.
For those of you who do not have ideas yet or students starting out, we can build a a small robotic arm or walking machine or follow the below syllabus.
Syllabus for DIY Living and Making For Private and Public Consumption.

Week #1. FUEL For LIFE: Artist’s studios: home brewing; alternative menus, water purification and how to skin a rabbit (how artist’s live on the fringes of the rat race). Class plants a gorilla garden.

Week #2. ROBOTICS: Robotics, electronics & wiring, pnumatics, gearmotors — a beginners course.

Week #3. TOOLS and low-Tech TECH: How to make/repair low-tech lighting, remote control systems, and more. Overview of “survivalist” contemporary art history. Repair an appliance.

Week #4. APPLICATIONS: Plan and Make stuff! “How can I incorporate elements of time, process, inter-activity, performance, light and space, installation, and video when I show my piece in a gallery setting?” Bring me your plans and lets make it.

Week #5. How’s our gorilla garden doing? How’s your project coming? Fix and repair. Learn tricks to scavenge materials, build stuff and make furniture.

Week #6. Show time! Bring your stuff for Show and Tell and Share and … we’ll wrap it all up with a course review (each participate tells what they learned, liked most, and what they’ll do next after this unique experience). Tips on keeping your making momentum going and a Closing party to test out projects.


Here is an article written about the class!


Kal Spelletich, the seventh of nine children, was born in an elevator and raised in Davenport Iowa, recently named “America’s Worst Place to Live.” Shortly after being given a chemistry set at the age of seven, he started constructing tree houses, boats, experimenting with electricity, taking apart everything he could get his hands on, fire, and fireworks. He now lives in San Francisco and works on the waterfront. He scours junkyards and dumpsters for industrial items whose technology can be reapplied. Kal sometimes teaches at Universities, lectures, exhibits and presents workshops around the world. His latest work involves experimenting with bio-morphic inputs that trigger machines and robots to provide viewers with a direct real-life experience—trying to answer the question, can technology perform spiritual work and still be conceptual?


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  1. This looks wonderful Kal, what a great curriculum! I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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