Private/Public Sculptures

IMG_0448 copy 2

Sort of Private Public sculptures.


These kinetic sculptures are inspired by topology (the study of shapes and space) and the sublime. I am also inspired by my friend and sometime collaborator, Alicia McCarthy (whom I gave 2 of these to collaborate on) as well as Richard Tuttle, Mark di Suvero, Russian Constructivism and Futurism. They are all made from very special wood I have collected for many many years. Wood from redwood forests, pipe organs and even construction jobs. This material is quite important to me. I am interested in deforming, stretching and bending space manifolds. How a sculpture claims a space, and then how these morph that space.     They are turned on by a hybrid sensor that sense touch, skin conductivity, heartbeat and pressure. So, they respond uniquely to each individual.

149 Gough Street @ Oak
Opening party November 13, 2014 6-8 P.M.
Jules Maeght Gallery Presents Inaugural Show
November 14, 2014- January 31, 2015




This has been a respite from spending days and days in a cancer ward and caring for someone whom you love with a deepness and profundity that reaches the heart of what it means for me to be on the planet. It has been a sort of meditative process. The work as well, has meditative movements in them. I reckon this work also allows me to work in the abstract (new for me after 35 years of creating) that many spiritual practices aspire to.

Topological_Model_of_Agonistic_Behaviour copy

I have 6-10 more i am developing as well as sensors to trigger them. I love the small scale of these tabletop pieces and can also see them at several other scales, 4′, 8′ and even 40′ tall.

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