Student Work

A Walking Cactus!

A Walking Cactus!

SFAI Fall 2015




SFAI Spring 2015

Student Work Spring 2015

Student Work Spring 2015

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Student Work Spring 2015

Student Work Spring 2015

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Part of our problem is, we don’t know how to make or repair anything anymore. No one should “graduate” without these basic skill sets.

This class is about building a skill set to help you survive as an artist inside or outside of our technology obsessed society. Trans-disciplinary projects will explore: building installations, carpentry, home-brewing, gorilla gardening, electric wiring, robotics, fire making, fixing things, plumbing, pnu-matics, pumps, water purification, high voltage electricity, video surveillance, electronic interfaces, scavenging for materials, cooking alternatives, solar power, skinning a rabbit, lighting, remote control systems, survivalist contemporary art history, promoting and exhibiting your art.

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