India Show 10/2010


It all looks good. My full name is Kalman Spelletich, maybe that should be on the letter.

I usually get 1/2 of my stipend in advance, can that happen?
What are your feelings on that?

The Calm Before The Storm...ahhh, I Mean Show

Generally I use used hardware, so if you can find/have used stuff all the better for $ savings and saving the planet.

“domains” pneumatics/ electronics:
DC motors and gearmotors and DC power supplies, i generally use 90 VDC motors around 1-1.5 horse power.

Propane and separate tanks with adapters, barb connectors, hose clamps, basic plumbing fittings to connect air lines/propane lines as well as valves, airline, quick connects.

machine tools required:
mig or tig welder, assorted nuts and bolts, basic hand tools, as well as grinders, hand drills.

just before the show~=+

I am thinking I can send some photos in advance of some closeups of my machines we could build so as to help people start on them in advance of my arrival.

go BOOM! we need to purchase in advance:
compression fittings
hose clamps
propane valves, manual and electric
quick release fittings
plumbing fittings
copper line
electric pushbuttons
hose barb fittings

Happy Indians clamoring to operate a machine-

Materials they need to provide us:
90V DC motor with a power supply
Pulleys large and small
Belt for pulleys
Air lines
2-3 50′ rolls of air lines with 3/8″ I.D
Electric wire
air cylinders and valves
Box steel
tube steel
assorted hardware
plumbing pipe and fittings
sheet metal

the gang!


Stuff we could build:

Heart Powered RING OF FIRE

as an interface,  I have used this kit,
I hacked it to turn on and of 2 valves via participants heartbeat for this piece. These kits are good for the more “electronically inclined” electrical engineers.

India fireshower #1

Hardware needed:
small manual needle valve

The Audience running my work

India 2010
(29th Sept – 3rd Oct),
We will book tickets for you from SF to Chennai on the 19th of September and from Goa to SF on the 8th of October.
-> We will reimburse the visa cost once you get here.

Big booM!

We could in theory build this piece, …..

needs a dc motor with a power supply and a bit of welding, steel

Needs air cylinder and valve, steel  and air compressor/compressed air.

the crowd in the amazingly great theater

air cylinder:

or, as another potential big bang piece,
it is a bit more complicated……
Ring Of Fire

what do you think?
Do you have any preferences on things to build?

Actually anything large-ish with fire is just great.

R/T plane tickets are 13-1400 dollars


Indian Institute of Technology Madras

still raining….

Dear Sid,

Here it is Tues. morning, and I have gotten no confirmation for plane tickets and no advance money.
It is very difficult for me to continue taking this project and you seriously. I cannot possibly leave in 5 days for India for 3 weeks without more of a goodwill effort from you.

If I don’t receive the plane tickets and some advance money I can no longer work on this project.

Kal Spelletich


and, well, this:

Wow, well, that was a hard gig. Yet mind blowing,

4 Responses to “India Show 10/2010”

  1. So how did you like India??????

  2. great stuff; made a shower there… very nifty

  3. A top notch narrative, sir. You always make me smile. -tc

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