Cologne Germany. September 12-14, 2014. Robodonien



THis was an exhibit in Cologne at the very cool Robodonian Festival.

I brought a new sensor based robot. It rebirthed another very flammable robot.

A 4 meter tall articulated robot arm, in the manner of an industrial robot. This robot was positioned in front of a video screen facing the audience with a smaller sculpture between the robot and audience.

Projected onto the screen was the robot view of the sculpture and audience.

There was a station with sensors and switches that operate the robot and sculpture. The sensors read a volunteers touch, heartbeat and skin conductivity, a sort of aura reading.

The audience touched copper plate sensors and switches triggering the robot to respond, the robot has a live camera, lights and fire on it pointed at the sculpture as well as the audience, the video image is projected, large, behind the robot.

The sensors triggered 3 movements on the robot as well as the light, laser light, fire, and sound amplified from the robot. Eventually, the small sculpture caught fire.

















Workshop with students building a robot for it’s demise.




Notebook 7 copyNotebook 15 copyNotebook 14 copy 2

Some Preparatory drawings



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