These sculptures can have a bearing just below each object and/or at a Y joint leading to two objects allowing them to spin in the wind, or if it is a smaller version, by people.
The armature layout holding up the sculptural objects, are modeled after celestial maps. This reference connects the galaxies with our planet. Most of these are scaleable, from 4-40′.


1.     DeDivina Sculpture

The DeDivina images honor the Bay Areas history of progressive and visionary approaches to technology.

 De divina proportione is a book on mathematics written by Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, composed around 1498. Leonardo’s excellent diagrams helped the book to achieve an impact beyond mathematical circles, popularizing contemporary geometric concepts and images. The treatise is a celebration of the human desire of unification in knowledge by finding unity  between the microcosm and macrocosm, representing the beauty and harmony of geometry found in nature.

2. Pinata Sculpture

Honoring the Latino culture in my neighborhood the Mission in San Francisco. I am celebrating a sense of play and fond childhood memories.

3. Flying Machine Sculpture

Originally designed for airports. This sculpture honors the hero’s and visionaries who dared to dream of flight (much of the pioneering flight research was done here in S.F., see Chrissy Field) and accomplished this otherworldly feat.

4. Fourth Dimension Sculpture

In honor of Bay Area Scientists, thinkers, dreamers and visionaries! Daring to look beyond the superficial and into universes unseen. I am combining ancient mathematics, tinkering and inventing, modern technology to explore unlikely sources of transcendence.

5. Max Bruckner’s Platonic Polyhedra Structures Sculpture.

In honor of Bay Area Scientists, thinkers, dreamers and visionaries! From NASA to The Bay Area education system to garage tinkers and artists to Silicon Valley. Max Brückner (1860–1934) was a German geometer, known for his collection of stellated and uniform polyhedra. He documented all that was known on polyhedra at the time, as one of 25 milestones in the history of polyhedra.
“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” -Carl Sagan

6. Wave Bench

Designed to be built on a pier. Floats ride the waves and tides raising and lowering sections of hybrid composite rubber bench.



A motorized  machine . Audience activates the love-making ACTION.


8. Motorized Machines


These functioning prototypes are Scaleable from 4-30′

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