Friday January 19th, 2018, 6-9 P.M.

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At The Jules Maeght Gallery In San Francisco.

SolisandLuna copy


Disco Ball Video Installation pendulum robot scientist Installation Party.
A party to celebrate my new etchings!

Friday January 19th, 2018, 6-9 P.M.
Derrière Le Miroir closing party and print release of two new original etchings by Me! Kal Spelletich
Made at the historic and prestigious ARTE-Maeght Printshop, Paris, France.

Two etchings of the sun and moon/galaxy and Nebulas.
1. Solis And Luna
2. Orion Nebula
These prints will be for sale at the opening.

Free whiskey if you can catch it! From the Scotch delivery system.

There will be four robots in this exhibit for you to operate.
A whiskey pouring robot.
The two drawing robots that made the etchings.
And a Disco Ball Video Installation Interactive Pendulum Robot
Scientist Perpetual Motion Space and Time Machine Installation.
Yes, that’s right.

For a brief history of the Galleries roots:

Whiskey Dispenser:


Saturday Dec. 2, 2017, 8:30 P.M. at the LAB

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Hacked De Picciotto
Saturday Dec. 2, 2017, 8:30 P.M. at the LAB 2948 16th. St., S.F., Ca.
Two legends from Berlin.
Only one night in San Francisco.
Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution) & Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten). Yes, them. They are doing a full set.
I am performing briefly with them in a collaborative piece with my robots. Look for an amazing night of sonic joy.

LabNoiseMachine D&A copy


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Graffiti-Every-Inch-Illegal-Art-03 copy

For The Exhibit ILLEGAL.

6:00 P.M.-9 P.M.
The Exhibit Lasts through the end of the year of 2017

luggage store_Illegal 2017_front 2


Often one sees no other answer but to break the law. This is an exhibit about artists that work while embedded within a system that provides no outlet for them. This is done for various reasons, some art is considered illegal just by making it, obscenity for instance. Other times artists shop lift or acquire materials by spurious means (often called obtanium here in San Francisco). Some artists steal ideas of forge artworks. There is a place artists often land where they see no way to continue with their work without breaking the law. Often artists start their career breaking the law as a way to lash out at a system that negates their existence and leaves no place at the table for them. I was inspired to be an artist by the space left open for ambiguous works that aren’t shoe-horned into a fixed category. A field that is open to just about anything, unlike most careers.

The exhibit will consist of photo documentation, written, videotaped and oral stories, reenactments, ephemera, sculptures, legal support talks, a confessional and more.

There are some classic, even historic examples of this practice.

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog stole a 35 mm camera from the Munich Film School. In the commentary for Aguirre, the Wrath of God, he says, “I don’t consider it theft—it was just a necessity—I had some sort of natural right for a camera, a tool to work with.”

Gordon Matta Clark

A 1976 show at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies in New York featured the work of lots of aspiring young architects, whose designs offered idealized visions of space and the cityscape. This was, of course, the general goal of architecture as a discipline, but Matta-Clark, with his sense for realism, contributed images of vandalized project buildings in the Bronx with their windows blown out. Window Blow-out represented a truth that was largely avoided in conceptual architecture. This juxtaposition was pushed further when Matta-Clark broke into the gallery and shot out several of the windows with an air rifle. Not to mention the countless buildings he dissected and cut up.


Terry Fox­­

The most infamous piece in the show was Terry Fox’s Defoliation, performed on opening night. To express his anger over the U.S. military’s scorched earth policy in Vietnam, Fox used a flamethrower—the type used in Vietnam to cremate plants—to burn a section of star jasmine plantings on the Berkeley campus.[3]

“This was my first political work. I wanted to destroy the flowers in a very calculating way. By burning a perfect rectangle right in the middle, it would be like someone had destroyed them on purpose. The flowers were Chinese jasmine, planted five years ago, which were to bloom in two years. It was also a theatrical piece. Everyone likes to watch fires. It was making a beautiful roaring sound. But at a certain point, people realized what was going on—the landscape was being violated, flowers were being burnt. Suddenly, everyone was quiet. One woman cried for twenty minutes . . . . So, then, the next day, when these people came to have their lunch there, it was just a burned-out plot, you know. I mean, it was the same thing they were doing in Vietnam, but you burn some flowers that they like to sit near.”

Leonardo da Vinci
He is well known for his anatomical sketches of the human body. He would dissect dead human remains and then draw what he saw.

Dissection was completely illegal unless one was a physician, which da Vinci was not. It is believed that da Vinci would get a grave robbers, and eventually a hospital director to get him cadavers to study. da Vinci hid all of this anatomical drawings and kept them secret because of the illegal nature of what he was doing. He was able to identify not only muscles and bones, but also their functions in the body, which was an incredible breakthrough. Leonardo was detained and questioned for this research for his art.


Kal Spelletich


Europe Summer 2017

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I will be in Berlin May
Lecturing at Technical University Dortmund in Dortmund, Germany on May 18.
Lecturing, doing a workshop/performance at Folkwang University in Essen, Germany, May 19.

Mitch pic 2 copy.jpg
May 21 I head to the Foundation Maeght to be an artist.
May 26 off to Cadaques, Spain and in and out of Barcelona to research Marcel Duchamp’s old haunt and to breathe.

Let me know if you are nearby!

Kindest of Regards,

The NEW Situationists

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I am giving a talk/performance with the radical political scholar Eddie Yuen this Saturday, April 15, 7-9 P.M. at ProArts gallery in Oakland, California across from City Hall.
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

There will be FREE libations and food served by machines and robots from 3-5PM





b. Levi’s add./LA Gear
c. Movie parts
d. Military $ offers. How to separate out what is selling out.
e. Decision to go with technology, interactivity and robotics.
f. Humor, fear, play.
g. It’s easier to have an artistic revolution than a military or political revolution.

Eddie Yuen teaches Critical Studies at California College of Arts.  His most recent work is on the discourse of climate change in the book “Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth”, (2012). He is the chief editor of two books on social movements and globalization and is a contributing producer for “Against the Grain”, a syndicated radio program featuring in-depth interviews with prominent critical thinkers. His talk will be on some aspects of Situationist political ideas and their relevance for 21st century capitalism.  I am looking forward to robot improvisation and accompaniment.

Fox News Video

Wine Pourer


Work in the Gallery
This is a video shot of me by the FOX “news” network in 1999. I had recently won funding from the Franklin Furnace in NYC. They were in part supported by the NEA. The right wing were still hounding arts organizations about any public support whatsoever. They contacted me for an interview and I jumped at the opportunity. They came to my performance asking endless questions attacking and inciting me. I answered the questions in the way I wished were asked instead. I flipped the TV crew and they did an OK piece, I think.
Exhibited with this video document is the Portable Small Scratchy Claw Machine, something to get 12105919_10206881151201562_3301052191661793229_n


Press Release: Split Brain Robotics.

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Harvesting Brain DATA for Robotic

Mayhem and Enlightenment.

An interactive audience participatory performance with two custom-built 16’ tall robots, each identical, each controlled by the left and right side brainwaves of audience participant(s).

Performances: Thursday, April 6-9, 2017. 8:00 P.M.
Sunday April 9 Matinee 1:00 Afternoon time!

The Lab 2948 16th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
@thelabsf / #thelabsf
The Lab is wheelchair accessible and is located 1/2 block from the 16th and Mission BART.

A hacked and customized EEG reads right side and left side brainwaves to make the two robots move, collaborate, interact, fight and even “kiss”. This live streaming brain data will run the two robots. Volunteers’(you!) thoughts brought to life through robotic actions.
When they do “correctly” interact, symbolic and metaphoric events will happen, activating, lasers, lights, fog, robotic eye views projections, sounds, chaos.

This project has been funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission.
and The Zellerbach Foundation.

sfac_h_pms copy

This performance piece is a collaborative project of Kal Spelletich (artist, robot maker), Masahiro Kahata (brainwave control hardware/software), and Mitch Altman (integration hardware and software) and Jonathan Foote, Willi Döring, Silver Kuusik, Robert Langer.

Some of the concepts we are exploring are;
Can we translate human emotions into robot actions?
Can this demonstrate to us a new way to instill consciousness?
Can we create empathy for a robot?
What are robot best at?  What are humans best at?  What about the grey area where these two things are evolving?
Is there a role for hybrid human machine systems?
Can a robot respond to, represent or convey one’s inner desires?
Can enlightenment be achieved through robotic interactions?
Is this the next step in health care and education?

Some Video Here;

Two things this week!

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2 exhibits This week
I am presenting my latest opus with Mitch Altman, Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at DORKBOT in S.F., Ca.

7 P.M. social hour, * P.M. presentations




This Friday in Oakland, Bay Area Situationists at Pro Arts Gallery
Opening Reception Friday March 3, 2017 6-9 P.M.

Downtown Oakland on the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza directly across from City Hall.
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland CA 94612 (Ground Floor Gallery.)
Exhibition Dates: March 3 – April 28, 2017

The New Situationists exhibition and related program of events is the first major survey of Bay Area avant-guarde art and countercultural activities, influenced by the ideas, theory and techniques of the Situationist International movement (1957 – 1972.) The Situationists aimed for integration of art and life, and worked to critique consumer capitalism and mediated experience. At their core, they challenged the idea of ‘art.’ It would be traditional to present this work in 2018, a tidy 50th Anniversary celebration, as one does for institutions like monarchs, museums, fast food chains, and your grandparents’ marriage. The New Situationists is literally avant-guarde in that it is occurring in 2017, a year prior to the semi-centennial of Situationism’s acme.
In conjunction with this exhibit, ON APRIL 15 at 3-7 P.M. I will run a walking BB-Q (BB-Q for free!)
and whiskey and Wine pouring machines AND give a talk about my work and Situationist mayhem in my life.
Talk at 7 P.M.

and on April 6-9, 2017