A Class I Am Teaching this summer 2014

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What is the legacy of making transgressive art? How do you make art subverting the dominant paradigms and survive? Stay out of jail? Not break the law? From the Dadaists to Punk Rock, The Diggers to The San Francisco Cacophony Society—we will cover it all in this class. I will lecture on these topics, give assignments, show videos and images, bring in guest artists, and present first-hand anecdotes on this overlooked special genre of contemporary art. There will be a special emphasis on San Francisco practitioners in the field and the recently released book I am featured in and contributed to, Tales of The San Francisco Cacophony Society.












Stanford LASER of 3 april 2014

Stanford Art Institute, Stanford Office of Science Outreach and Leonardo ISAST invite you to the next Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous, an evening of art and science presentations.

When: 3 april 2014 at 6:45pm

Where: Li Ka Shing Center, Room LK120

* Robert Rich (Composer) on “Slow Music in a Manic World”
* Patricia Burchat (Stanford/ Physics) on “What is the Dark Energy in the Universe?”
* Kal Spelletich (Kinetic Artist) on “Interactive art as a catalyst towards an engaged life”
* Sharon Spain (Curator) on “A Nexus For Art & Environmental Activism: Recology Artist Residency Program”

Details, directions, links at http://www.scaruffi.com/leonardo/apr2014.html


my frankentree

A new Class I am Teaching;

12 Sessions » Wednesdays, January 29–April 23
(no class March 19)
7:30–10:30 pm | Studio 105 several sessions will meet off-site at Kal’s Dogpatch studio | $480

If you know people that might be interested with a 20% off discount, feel free to share the code 7072 with them, which is valid on registrations prior to January 15.

Survive life as an artist with this eclectic, skill-based crash course. You will learn some: installation building, carpentry, home-brewing, guerrilla gardening, electric wiring, robotics, fire-making, fixing things, plumbing, pneumatics, pumps, water purification, high-voltage electricity, video surveillance, electronic interfaces, scavenging for materials, cooking alternatives, solar power, skinning a rabbit, lighting, remote control systems, survivalist contemporary art history, and promoting and exhibiting your art. This class will have local visiting artists. We will incorporate elements of time, process, interactivity, performance, light, space, installation, and video, and we will consider how to realize these practices in a contemporary, conceptual way. http://www.sfai.edu/site-adventures

I seem to have a certain critic referencing my class…..http://www.vulture.com/2013/12/saltz-on-the-trouble-with-the-mfa.html

“but it’s also time for grad programs to stress courses in craft and various skills — from blacksmithing to animal tracking,”


I am curating this closing event, it will be real great, this i PROMISE! We will have some very special guests DJing.


Thursday, December 12, 7–10 pm

whiskey pouring machine

whiskey pouring machine


Saturday, November 23, 2013    5:30-7:00 P.M.

Yerba Buena Arts Center


I  will be showing some machines and robots and giving some demonstrations on how and why I build and built them.


Most of my art in 6 minutes and 8 seconds


My career in 1 minute 56 seconds


From a Recent Show at my STUDIO>


mark making with my upside down Gyroscope

gyro on metal


I gave a talk and presentation of my work at UC Berkeley for the Bay Area Science Festival ; http://www.bayareascience.org/event/touch-me-the-neuroscience-of-touch/

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  1. In the recent issue of Scenario Mag it discusses Kal’s work being done
    to create a spiritual robot. I guess my only question I have is has Kal ever heard of Valis? Perhaps the real question is DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?

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