September, 2014 Cologne, Germany


IMG_1734 copy

I am in an exhibit in Cologne at the very cool Robodonian Festival.

I am bringing a new sensor based and trigger robot. It will rebirth another very flammable robot.

See below-




IMG_1844 copy

Here is my proposal;
I propose to build a 3-6 meter tall articulated robot arm, in the manner of an industrial robot, but out of wood and found objects, as well as hardware I will provide. This robot will be positioned in front of a video screen facing the audience with a smaller sculpture between the robot and audience.

Projected onto the screen will be the robot view of the sculpture and audience. The smallish sculpture is made from found objects and branches.

There will be a barrier in front of the entire installation. In front of the barrier is a station with sensors and switches that operate the robot and sculpture. I have some new sensors that read a volunteers touch, heartbeat and skin conductivity, a sort of aura reading.

Volunteers touch copper plate sensors and switches triggering the robot to respond, the robot has a live camera, lights and fire on it pointed at the sculpture as well as the audience, the video image is projected, large, behind the robot. The fire, will of course, be regulated.

The sensors will be able to trigger 3 movements on the robot as well asthe light, laser light, fire, and sound amplified from the robot. Eventually, the small sculpture will catch fire.

So; audience-barrier-sculpture-robot arm-video screen

I hope this makes sense!?
please see enclosed drawing.

Kal Spelletich


img169 2


IMG_1774 copy


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