RC3 Hacker Conference workshop->

I am presenting at the RC3 Conference this rC3 – remote Chaos Experience
this SUNDAY December 27, at 1:30 Pacific Time 2020

This year, CCC hosts the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) instead of an on-site event in Leipzig.
This endeavor requires creativity, joy of experimentation and active support.

Art, Science and Artistic Revolutionary Practices

An interactive workshop/demonstration of my art and machines that are about sound, science, absurd engineering,
interactivity and poetically inspired tech. I will talk a bit about my life as an artist and educator. Then
demonstrate a number of my works while fielding questions.

How to build low-cost tech art for next to nothing. Hack Arduino sensors by not using an Arduino!
Collaborate as often as possible, 3 people are a revolution and movement.
Advice on showing your weird tech art.
Why Art!? Because we can and are changing the world with it.
By finding your voice you become empowered and discover your reason for being on the planet! Once you do that,
there is no stopping you.

For almost 4 decades Kal Spelletich has built interactive machines and robots. Spelletich’s work enacts a
liberated awareness and pushes his audience toward creative responses to technology in their lives. His work
explores the interface of humans and science to put people in touch with philosophical interactive experiences.

A face-to-face event with 17,000 people will be neither responsible nor legally feasible this year. But after
this tedious and painful 2020, we really deserve a nice finale!
This is why the rC3 – Remote Chaos Experience will be held.
As much as virtually possible, we want to convey the joy, content, togetherness and wonderful madness that
make up a Chaos Communication Congress.

Hackers are used to remote work and online meetings. This makes our annual face-to-face meetings all the
more important. Of course, it will be difficult to re-enact online
all the things that make Congress what it is for us.
But then someone said it would be impossible. Our ambition was aroused.
Just like every year, we want to see the concentrated energy and creativity of hackers with dedication.

Pre-requisites: None
Preparation and supplies: None, but here is where I get my materials.
Relay Switch: $3.00 + shipping
DC Gearmotor: $12.95 + shipping
Proximity Detector, I/R Reflective for Arduino
DC wall power supplies: 5-12 VDC
Laser https://www.mpja.com/5VDC-LASER-Diode-Red-Crosshair-Pattern/productinfo/33029+LZ/ $3.00

~ by kaltek on December 25, 2020.

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