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  1. Tired of the Elections? Sick and Tired of the Propaganda? Disgusted with the lies?
    This is HARD WORK!
    Watch 2 ROBOTIC DEBATERS controlled by you, duke it out!

    Matt Heckert and I have a show at
    ATA Artists Television Access
    this Saturday October 23, 2004
    At 8:00 PM until midnight
    $6.00 admission

    If you don’t know Matt Heckerts work, he is one of the originators of machine and robotic art and it is a thrill and honor to be collaborating with him!
    See here:

    We are going to have a blast letting the audience operate a ROBOTIC DEBATE
    And some other machines and robots
    AND a lot of crazy political videos and films from time immemorial to the present.
    There will be mayhem
    There will be chaos
    It will be clear who to vote for in the end.

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