Collaborations » Mock Up On Mu

Bar Scene From Mock Up On MU

A film in am in and did special “effects” in/with

MOCK UP ON MU, Craig Baldwin, 2008
16mm to digiBetaSP, 109 mins.

A radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western, and even horror genres, Mu musters the creative audacity—make that recklessness—to take up within its absurdly impossible ‘collage-narrative’ agency the profoundly serious issue of the militarization of space. (Mostly) Based on historical fact—the occult rituals of 3 seminal figures in post-War California (JPL founder Jack Parsons, L.Ron Hubbard, and Marjorie Cameron)–newly-shot live-action footage is intercut with both fiction and non-fiction archival material to weave a dense, farcical tale of mind-control, subterranean intrigue, and aerospace speculation …and in pulp-serial form to boot!

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