Collaborations » helco

Installations and performances by Kal Spelletich and Seemen, Christian Ristow, John Law, Maya Hayuk, Serena Irwin, Flynn Mauthe, Kimric Smythe, Robert Burke, Tanya, Nick Spelletich, and many other beloved helpers.

HELCO, a supranational conglomerate, is the official sponsor of this year’s Burning Man festival, and also our theme. Enter the Inferno through the neon Gate of Hell, courtesy of San Francisco’s Seemen. Visit HELCO’s corporate headquarters, a demonic strip mall dominated by The Helco Tower, Starfuck’s, Caca Bell, Joe Camel and Submit. Witness Cerberus, Hell’s voracious three-headed hound, as he consumes your favorite packaged products. See the battle between HELCO and Burning Man – who will win possession of our event?

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