This art life. You travel the world and meet all types.

This art life. You travel the world and meet all types. Grifters to geniuses. Hardworking to indifferent. Sincere to cynical. Innovators to copy-cats. This art-life can be such a struggle. And it can be incredibly rewarding.


IMG_5604 copy 2

If you stay in the mix you meet folks who inspired you just as you were starting out 38 years ago. It gets even better when you get to work with them. Historic, innovative sincere innovators.…/17948-einsturzende-neubauten-histor…

This Jan 18 & 19 I will be performing with Danielle Picciotto and Alexander Hacke at the wonderfully intimate Lost Church Theater in San Francisco. They sell out venues all over the world, so what a gift to see and perform in a show in such an intimate venue.…

Danielle and Alex are truly a rare couple, living and traveling constantly to uplift the planet. They do it socially, culturally and spiritually spreading joy nonstop during these tough times. They are also giving a talk at the Goethe Institute in SF about those early radical times in Berlin. A very special treat!…


04. spelletich, group play machines copy


The Lost Church is incredibly intimate, like seeing a show in a living room. You won’t ever experience anything quite like this again.

Oh! I am the opening act. I will have my Group Play Machines. An interactive sound quintet, (with 2 now sound machines) for you to operate and some new approaches to sound scores. They are fun, confusing and difficult.
The show will be quiet yet noisy, fun, innovative and even relaxing.…

Thanks for being there,

~ by kaltek on January 6, 2019.

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