What is at stake for the human animal in this critical moment in our evolution? Will we survive this “technological adolescence”? How can we reclaim optimism in the face of future technology?

Artificial Lungs
On Saturday, 11/17/18 from 1:00-5 P.M. a group of creative thinkers and makers will assemble to consider these questions in a radical new conversation format. Unfiltered. Unmoderated. At the Cowell Theater at the Fort Mason Center.
There will be artworks created at Stochastic Labs during their amazing artist residency. I will have my artificial lungs that are attached to a pipe organ at your service.

This looks to be just smashing! Come hang with some very interesting people and a couple geniuses ->
A Long Conversation is a relay of two-person dialogues for a set period of time, unified by a common prompt.
Each speaker brings one idea to the stage about how to reclaim optimism in the face of future technology—a trend, an artwork, an innovation, a breakthrough, a movement.
Paulo alone is worth the price of admission! Paolo Cirio is best known for having exposed over 200,000 Cayman Islands offshore firms with the work Loophole for All in 2013; the hacking of Facebook through publishing 1 million users on a dating website with Face to Facebook in 2011; the theft of 60000 financial news articles with Daily Paywall in 2014 and of e-books from with Amazon Noir in 2006; defrauding Google with GWEI in 2005; and the obfuscation of 15 million U.S. criminal records with Obscurity in 2016. His early works include his cyber attacks against NATO and reporting on its military operations since 2001.

Brought to you by Stochastic Labs
Dorkbot SF
The Long Now Foundation
San Francisco Art Institute
The Internet Archive
Center for Humane Technology

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