What is your life purpose?

What is your life purpose?
Why are you on the planet?
What is your life’s work?
“Much of life now is about instant reward. If you sacrifice and give you get a much richer reward and life purpose. Capitalism is about the individual getting a…”
I have done 1000 interviews. Literally. Most are so mundane you want to stop doing them. Where were you born? Why do you make art? What is your art about? And on and on the same questions over and over for decades. Jason and Charlotte and I had a nice convo. the other week. These folks did their homework and cut to the chase, we did this interview in like 15 minutes. True professionals and yet fun and enlightening folks. They waltzed into my studio glowing with an undeniable life force and shone it upon me.
Sometimes it takes three to get there.



~ by kaltek on November 27, 2016.

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