Warriors Canal

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Happy Spring!

Last year a ditch was dug in the future Warriors lot at Illinois and 3rd. Streets, near my studio. It is on my commute line, so i often pass it once or twice a day.

Sept. 5, 2016

The ditch has dried out a bit over the summer, but still holds water! This week I spotted what I believe are egrets in it. A first time siting. The ducks, geese and red wing Blackbirds seem to have moved on.



The ditch is fairly deep about 15 feet below the street level. After the rains started in the fall, it has been filled, then an algae bloom happened.
The past few weeks there have been ducks, geese and their goslings living in what has essentially become an estuary, it must be deep enough for bay/fresh water to keep it filled….. There are Red Winged Black Birds Heron and a few other birds living off of it too. Green growth all around it.


Anyways, i have been dumbstruck with it’s beauty, and nature’s ease of reclaiming a fenced in inaccessible landfill lot in the middle of massive redevelopment. And, the original nature of most of SF’s original waterfront.

I have watched a lot of changes out in this neighborhood since 1985, but this is one of the most hopeful and beautiful.

A wonderful metaphor that all entities may return to their “Original Nature”. One’s purest state. Applicable both personally, locally and globally.



And Go Warriors!
all hugs,


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~ by kaltek on May 10, 2016.

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