My Ocean Gal


Show is up now, March 12, 2016–until March 31st.
Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Opening Event on March 19th, 3pm-6pm
surfboard repair then music:
Julius Smack (Los Angeles)
Cat Mahatta (Oakland)
At Gospel Flats Farmstand Gallery



My Ocean Gal
Co-curated by Ethan Rafal and Dana Dart-McLean , My Ocean Gal is inspired by Padmasambhava, an 8th century Buddhist figure, who is said to have brought Buddhism to Tibet, as an original embodiment of “crazy wisdom,” and Venus, the goddess of love and luck who emerged out of a shell from foam on the waves. This show brings together 22 artists and 25 works, photos, sculpture, painting, writing, performance and digital art, that relate to the theme of the ocean as a figure of crazy wisdom, love, and luck. The works explore the human use of mythic figures to hold unimaginable complexity with story. Some stories are best told through the muteness of sculptural objects. Artists and writers included in the show are Chris Johanson, Liz Harris, Shelter Serra, Ivory Serra , Kal Spelletich, poet Alli Warren, Brian Getnick, Emily Prince, Morgan Ritter, Robert Glass, Amy Johnson, Sam Freeman, Tanya Milosevich, Lauren Hartman, Midori Hirose, Lindsey White, David Wilson, Danielle Mourning, and Liz Harris.




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