So this was a very interesting gig.

At the UN plaza in downtown San Francisco  exhibiting interactive robots. This is where I have been buying vegetables since 1985. Where I would bring coffee and bagels to the AIDS victim protestors chained to the Federal Building….


Luckily I didn’t win the exhibition art prize of $2,000.00 dollars given out by Air b ‘n b. Some guy who crochet’s won! But, I could have done something “good” with it. (see below)

A whirling dervish, a walking dog that gave out Halloween chocolates. A robotized tree. A flying boot. They are all interactive and only work if the audience engages. Hand pressure touch and movement sensors…..

IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1407
Thank goodness at the last minute i grabbed an old rug Tanya helped me drag home, that I found on the street out in the sunset. It gave a little mood and soft on the feet for hours!

Oh, the questions! The smirks, but the tweakers and homeless were the best. No silly questions from them, just joy! Some hesitation, but not like I am too hip to try something new so as to not to let myself be taken out of my comfort zone hesitation. The guy with the Jesus Is Coming! REPENT! 99% of USA DOOMED!  sign around his neck was the best. (of course we are doomed, doomed to die). AND, he ran 2 robots at once.

What is interesting are the people that came back, 2, 3, 6 times over to operate the robots. They bring friends over. They will run these things into the ground.
Some people get MAD! Really. It upsets them.This robot is going to break! It is going to hurt someone! These clothes are too old! What does it do? Is that all!? How much do you make doing THIS! Have it really fly!, Why don’t you work for NASA!? Art!? this isn’t art.  Why don’t you……fill in the blank (make something useful/make my stupid idea, (i get this constantly). I know what you should make! Did people tell Rothko that? why don’t you paint some water lilies?

But by far the majority love it. They are blissful and happy.
I have shown my work all over the world. Probably 1000 times.
This one was special. Next to the bar!
In front of the DJrave dance floor! too loud, I don’t like techno.
In front of the silent disco. Just right.
By the fountains! Running no less.

IMG_1412 IMG_1414
But the audience won it all hands down. Right on Market street and most folks were not used to seeing art let alone interactive robots.
And a wonderful curator Jenny Sharaf.

IMG_1417 IMG_1422 IMG_1424

Air B ‘n B
“[I]f only the hosts really were ‘regular people,’ who lived in their own home and occasionally rented out a room or the whole house while away, nobody would object much.”
But the truth is Airbnb is investing over $8M to stop F exactly because the bulk of Airbnb rentals in SF are entire vacant units — many of them operated by the same “host” — and that’s the market activity that made the young founders billionaires in just a few years and scored the company a $25 billion valuation. They know exactly what will happen if F passes and existing laws are enforced. All that illegal money will go away.
“Airbnb has become its own worst enemy by stubbornly refusing to work with local officials to figure out a way to enforce sensible laws that prohibit conversions of rental apartments into de facto hotels.”
Yes on F –

IMG_1435 IMG_1426 IMG_1429  •


~ by kaltek on October 27, 2015.

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