THis Sunday Street Talk/Performance

me in the shop copy

Photo by: Arnaud Gaertner

From the Maestra,

Hey you guys

So i’ve told you i wanted to do a dorkbot at that parklet on Valencia at 24th with the 2 podiums and you all were into it.
I will invite more but before i do i wanted to pick a date.

How does SUNDAY Aug 29th sound?  Its a Sat.  I figure if we start at 3:30 and go to 4:30 we can all convene at a bar or food after.
I was going for the early side to avoid crowds and hit happy hour… does that date work for all?  If it does i’ll start inviting others
then announce.

No electricity so just talk, demo, fly a drone, bring a robot and the crowd will gather 🙂  The podium sign up sheet limits
each person to 3 min each but if we snag a contigous chunk (i’ll go there earlier) im sure if we all do 5 min open dork style
things that’ll be fun?

Lets use the public space!  I might pass a jar around for our beer after but i’ll buy you all a round!

What do you all think?  Its the Sat before burning man too so hopefully they’ll all be gone

Thanks all!


~ by kaltek on August 25, 2015.

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