Last Days of my Fundraiser

Bill Viola Statement
The acknowledgement or awareness or recognition that there is something above, beyond, below beneath what is in front of your eyes, what our daily life is focused on.
There is another dimension that you just know is there, that can be a source for real knowledge, and the quest for a connection with that and identifying that is the whole impetus for me to cultivate these experiences and to make my work.
And on a larger scale it is also the larger driving force behind all religious endeavors. There is an unseen world out there and we are all living it.

1997 catalogue. Whitney museum, David Ross-Peter Sellers


As far as my fundraiser……
I know a lot of you are not so into the online format of paying.
We can work this out!!
email me,

Any extra monies I get at this point will define how far I can take this exhibit…..
It ain’t over until it is over!

With more funding I can;

Get more food and drink I can provide at the opening and closing events!
Must feed the hungry masses in NYC with my new BB-Q

Print more large format tree pics!/album.php?aid=112484&id=663607442

Help with the very spendy shipping to and from, from across the continent.

Help me survive these next couple of months.

So, thank you old friends, new friends, family and complete utter strangers. I feel so very lucky. You have been so good moi and this project.

email me,


here is a little something from last nights show:!/video/video.php?v=1530295703072&ref=mf


~ by kaltek on July 19, 2010.

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