NYC Jack Hanley Gallery California Investigative Healing Press

Two days later, on Sept. 3, the amiably bicoastal dealer Jack Hanley held a closing party at his space at 136 Watts Street in Tribeca for a show titled “California Investigative Healing (organized by Kal Spelletich).” Though boasting a banjo player at the front door and a fortune teller in a booth in a corner, most of the gallery was given over to jury-rigged little machines devised by the San Francisco-based Spelletich, which ostensibly deliver various pataphysical health benefits, sort of as if Jean Tingueley had settled in Marin County and become a homeopath.

One contraption allows viewers to crank a pair of handles to power a turntable playing Herb Alpert’s Taste of Honey, another coats chewable vitamin C tablets with melted chocolate, and still another distills a healing elixir comprised largely of vodka mixed with a long list of herbs and other medicinals, including yerba mate, cocoa, alfalfa, pea fiber, eleuthero root, broccoli powder and a secret ingredient that may well be mud, from the looks of the stuff. Sales of this liniment, dubbed Spelletich’s Electric Elixir and conveniently bottled in two sizes, were altogether lacking, according to Hanley, even at the bargain art rate of $25 a bottle. Bottlesehinde-auerbach9-4-09.asp


~ by kaltek on September 8, 2009.

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