An Exhibit In Cologne Germany

The Herb Alpert Upper Body Hydro-Pneumatic Pulsation Vacuo Engine

The Herb Alpert Upper Body Hydro-Pneumatic Pulsation Vacuo Engine

Cologne Germany

I am Thrilled and honored to be exhibiting at
Dark Fair in Cologne Germany
represented by the one & only & Thoroughly Tenacious
Jack Hanley Gallery

Cologne, Germany
Apr. 23-26, 2009

The Herb Alpert Upper Body Hydro-Pneumatic Pulsation Vacuo Engine

An exercise machine that powers 8 different apparatuses.

Speaking from experience, exercising to Herb Alpert is a visceral transcendence. The body becomes all rhythm and all sound, rapt in a unified sonic event with percussive pressures felt by others from deep within. Having become wholly expressive from the inside out, from the limb to limb, the body “disappears” into the play; and thus it becomes more completely itself. How very Eucharistic. . . .
Herb Alpert describes the database of consciousness as an electrostatic condenser. My understanding is that the higher the power of the field of consciousness one is connected to, the greater the capacity of the nervous system and body needs to be in order to handle and integrate higher frequencies.
What happened was, that some of the lower calibrating fields, coming from unreleased traumata and the connected emotions especially from the radical childhood I had experienced, had not been fully transmuted. Therefore the higher state of consciousness was induced by entrainment with the teacher Herb Alpert and was not integrated. I decided to pursue healing techniques with this machine, which helps people to transmute and release the traumata and emotions as well as their effects on the body, psyche and consciousness.
Often those feelings are held in the subconscious and we attract and repeat the same feelings over and over because it is played out by the electromagnetic charge held in the body like a recording.

ahh, the smell of Art Cologne!

Thank you Jack, and, thank, you!

all the best,

The budget should be balanced, the treasury refilled, public debt reduced, the arrogance of officialdom tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt.

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