Video Show in Berlin Germany i am in

Kurzfilme aus San Franciscos Underground Kunstszene
präsentiert von Kottie Paloma und 667Shotwell

am Samstag, 21. März 2009, um 20.00 Uhr

Bongout Gallery
Torstr. 110
10119 Berlin

An evening of videos from San Francisco´s underground art scene
presented by Kottie Paloma and 667Shotwell

Saturday March 21, 2009 8 PM

Torstr. 110
10119 Berlin

Chris Sollars
Doug Katelus
Eric Landmark
Fred Rinne & Dom Leone
Friederike Hamann
Kal Seemen Spelletich
Kottie Paloma
Michael Friedman
Mike Donovan of Sic Alps
Patricia Diart
Zeigenbock Kopf

Including: Kottie Paloma’s oxyfun and Video Books; Kal Seemen Spelletich’s mechanical fire; John Dwyer’s rarely seen Zeigenbock Kopf videos; Mike Donovan’s videos for his band Sic Alps with Matt Hartman; Patricia Diart’s Rate of Transfer and deconstruction and reconstruction of a San Francisco Apartment; Short documentaries by Doug Katelus with Anarchist Punk Rocker in Union Square Park and Eric Landmark with Asteroids and the Fuck You Garage; Friederike Hamann’s animated bunnies; Michael Friedman public stare contest with inanimate public sculpture; Fred Rinne & Dom Leone’s Bloody Pit of Horror loosely based on the Marquis de Sade; and shorts of walking trash and tiger wacks by 667Shotwell director Chris Sollars.

Special Bonus Feature: Marshall Weber, New York based artist and chief curator for booklyn artist alliance (, shows his film about puking, vomiting, hurling, losing it, tossing your cookies and being completely fucking out of control. A tender portrait of the decline and fall of Western Civilization.


Chris Sollars Revolution 08
Kal Seemen Spelletich Firehose
Kottie Paloma Silly Girls
Mike Donovan Sic Alps “Bells”
Chris Sollars Pile of Trash
Patricia Diart Rate of Transfer
Eric Landmark Fuck You Garage
Kal Seemen Spelletich Fire Cage
Friederike Hamann Hase Poop
Kottie Paloma Oxyfun
Michael Friedman Stared
Mike Donovan Sic Alps “Semi Streets”
Kal Seemen Spelletich Stap on Flame
Zeigenbock Kopf I Like To Dance With The Boys
Fred Rinne & Dom Leone Bloody Pit of Horror
Mike Donovan Sic Alps “Massive Place”
Eric Landmark Hidden Realities of Asteroids
Chris Sollars C RED BLUE J -Trailer La Chinoise Re-mix
Doug Katelus Sacco and Vanzetti
Kottie Paloma Officer Fuckface
Zeigenbock Kopf Men’s Room
Chris Sollars Tiger Wack

Marshall Weber Beautiful LoserS


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