img_0997WHAT a TRIP.
I stayed in a villa with my friend Marie Lorenz. img_1085pretty damm conservative, marie has been a fantastic hostess!img_1011
One nite and today were drunken we got trapped in an elevator here with 8 people, img_1088ridiculous, and silly. The city is built on top of ruins built on top city. An amazing hodge-podge of denseness. img_1018≠rome, thank you, Marie-wow. An extra special night was a drunken trapped hour in a tiny tiny rickety elevator with 8 people, ridiculous, hilarious and silly.img_1089 Staying in the villa was like some sort of old vegas hotel built from stone and marble, jammed streets all twisty and small, fountains everywhere, x-mess eve with a bottle of scotch and 6 agnostics skulking around the midnite masses, and, ancient rubble! img_1056Destroyed boats washed up on the riverbanks, EVERYWHERE!
and pretty bad-ass art, EVERYWHERE!

My departure, was, a ridiculous departure on my part, i love the saying, fences and walls keep you in as much as they keep “them” out. I gouged my palm escaping from there, jumping the fences and walls seeings how since i was a visitor, i couldn’t just leave on my own,
it hurt so fucking much and swelled up huge on the plane, while waiting in the customs line to get on the plane, i looked down at it, i had a tissue i was gripping, my hand and it were soaked and covered in red, i looked at the floor and there was a puddle of blood, i grabbed my shirt tail and smeared the floor around, then my shirt was soaked, what a mess.
i felt like one of those action heroes with the mortal wound they are covering up so they can escape,

Anyways, i soaked it a lot in hot salt water at home 1.5 days later and it is finally better.
and i have an emptiness, from so much fullness, the trip was phenomenal, my best trip to the euro continent
Just to ramble on….
Europe 11-12/2008
well, it was an interesting beginning for the trip-, i got most of a round trip plane ticket paid for by ROBOEXOTICA, and was unemployed, so i thought, why not try a few more stops over there, I know a few curators and festivals that have been inquiring and that i have inquired with…. i can be broke in SF or be broke in Europe!

I asked all of the venues for housing and some meals. I was fine with couch surfing and have done that on all of my trips to Europe. i got housing covered and a couple of meals in each city, then asked for plane fare to and from each city i was going to. I got a mix of support and went for it, it turned out to be my most fun, best and most rewarding trip ever, ever. img_1139SINGING, CLOISTERED, NUNS!!

~ by kaltek on February 26, 2009.

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