Vienna, Roboexotica, Dec. 2008

I brought SLOTH, to the illustrious Vienna, thanks so much to chris and all there. Gave out gallons of Wodka, and a bit ‘o whiskey, sloth was really acting up there, at the museum quartiers. hmmm, what was he trying to tell me? and he is a HE~
I DJ’d a night, t

≠Vienna and roboexotica
i saw the many many Brueghels in one of the most amazing museums in the world

It was all, well, deep. and full. did 2 great talks there, stayed with chris and his family as per usual, so so fun!
thank you magnus, chris and johannes and everyone!hat was a nice change from the techno, to hear some punkm johnny cash and Willie, some Herb Alpert and Nina Simone.

~ by kaltek on January 30, 2009.

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