I am going to try and update my europe trip/shows

Ahh, My first visit to Copenhagen and the spectacular Copenhagen Dreamhouse!
with the best hospitality from Pipaluk, Dzl, Schack, Vanessa and Eva.
workshop, talks on sf and my work were fun and good back and forth

my bunk on the ship in copenhagen, 11/08img_0271img_0285

the glorious theater in Christianna in copenhagen, we saw The Seventh Seal!, the theater has sand floors, a gigantic wood burning stove and full cafe, i had an insane hot chocolate!

i am here!
it is amazing
i am LUCKY
show today!
and a workshop lecture, tho i am delirious and jet-lagged, hgdybdtgdvrvt

i am living AND SHOWING on a SHIP, in a fjord or locke exhibiting my art on said ship, a ship with a full mess hall, electronics lab, gallery, party room, metal shop, tonite we lit off a giant solid fuel rocket and there is a homemade submarine tied up to it with a guy living in it,

fer real, i am in my tiny bunk now, it is truly surreal, eating good, they bought me a bottle of whiskey, for my robot and me!
, really that too

i am delirious with tiredness, every minute is so dense here

whassup with you?
have turkey?
i had some on british airways, if you wanna call it that……..

europe doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving

it is freezing here, parts of this ship are really really cold,

hugs kal


here is SLOTH in the HALFMACHINE

gallery space on their boat


~ by kaltek on January 28, 2009.

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