shows in Europe 2008

europe press release 11-12/08

I have some upcoming shows and talks!

Copenhagen Nov. 27-Dec.2
Vienna Dec. 2-7
Berlin Dec. 8-16, exhibit Fri. 12
Zagreb December 15-22
Rome Dec.22-27

more stuff being added soon
If you know anyone I should look up or invite to a show OR anywhere to go, do tell!

Thanks to Jon Foote for technical support!

AND, well……I know how lucky I am, i grew up in Iowa, my family never once talked about art, or going to Berlin or Rome. We teeter on a financial apocalypse, what do i care? I have always lived on that edge, i am fine with eating rice ‘n beans, and a thrilled to eat a piece of salmon. I do know that every single show is a gift, and ones overseas are extra special gifts I feel a need to pay back, by doing better and caring more.

And, an “election” happened. I am hopeful. But, really we need to steer them now, more than ever. The are powers that want all to stay the same, and they will work to keep it so

heres some of what I am bringing:

sloth dispensing whiskey

sloth dispensing whiskey


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