Some information on Workers’ rights

  1. Sex work is dangerous, anything we can do to make it less so, is good for the workers, their clients, and the community.
  2. Sex workers provide a valuable service to society; they address the intimate needs of ALL people, which (IMHO) makes the city safer and more harmonious.
  3. Sex work is a job you can always fall back on, if you have an economic reversal.  So any one of us may need to enter this line of work at some time in our lives.  So have compassion for those who have chosen it and will chose to do it.
  4. Supporting sex workers’ rights in no way implies that you have at any time ever considered utilizing their services.  This is a workers rights issue, not a vice issue.  One can support the rights of workers, and dislike the industry they work for (take for example oil workers in Nigeria).
Dear Smart and Sexy, Compassionate Friends,

I don’t know about you, but lately some of my wonderful sensual massage friends have been getting repeatedly arrested for doing FULL BODY MASSAGE.  How sad it is.  These arrests/convictions ruin lives, and are so unfair and mean spirited.  One sexual healer friend was busted for a third time (simply for massaging a penis,) and now has to resort  to full service prostitution in Nevada to save her house from foreclosing and pay lawyer bills.  She never has wanted to do full service. It’s absurd!  Another sensual massage friend was brutally raped and robbed.  She decided to report it to the police knowing she’d out herself as a sex worker.  The rapist was tried and sent to prison and can’t rape and rob other women now.  BUT a month later they came back and busted her, handcuffed her to cell bars, her name was printed in the newspaper and she had to move.  All for doing the right thing.  These are wonderful women who have been traumatized by a stupid law.
In San Francisco everyone is really working hard to get people to vote on Prop K, which  helps sex workers (and others) be safer from harms way.  Its very exciting that this is on the ballot.  Carol Leigh, Carol Queen, and other pleasure activists have really done a great job with post cards and posters, flyering and working with the media.  But they really need some money fast for the final push to pay for the printing.  They tell me that $3,000 is needed to do another batch of printing.  $6,000 would mean they could even pay for a mass mailing.  I know money is tight for lots of folks now, but if you can send them a check for ANY amount at all, $10. or $20. would be fabulous. Or you can do it on pay pal.
If this passes, or even gets a respectable vote, this could ultimately help decriminalize sex work in other cities.  So even if you don’t live in San Francisco, you can help further the cause. Thanks for your help.  Sex workers, you simply MUST donate!
You can read more on their web site, or in Carol Leigh’s letter below.
Let me know if you donated, as it would make me really happy to know that.

~ by kaltek on October 24, 2008.

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