An art Exhibit I am in:

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An art Exhibit I am in:
Jack Hanley Gallery at NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) Jack Hanley Gallery will be present at NADA in Miami at booth #307 December 2-5, 2010

Palm Tree 24th St. and Mission, San Francisco, Ca. 2010

Institute For The Future Conference

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Vino Viper controlled by glove

I presented my work and talked on 2 days at the very amazing Conference presented by the one and ONLY David Pescovitz

As smart machines enter more realms of our lives—from workplaces and homes to farms and city streets—we will redefine what machines can do for us, where they will outperform us, and ultimately, what it means to be human. Robots have long been a staple of science fiction, capturing the popular imagination for nearly a century. Now, driven by military, consumer, and health care research, advances in robotics are catching up with popular imagination. Robotic systems are not only vacuuming millions of living rooms, but have also been deployed into active war zones, and navigated thousands of miles of roadway without human assistance. Indeed, within just the last five years, the number of robots in operation worldwide has more than doubled.


Exploratorium Groundbreaking 10.19.10

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Leaving this sunday
i am going to build pieces there with the help of a university and the students, we have about 1.5 weeks to build stuff.
a bit of a translation problem, and materials issues…..
but truly an adventure
i have never been west of SF
oh, too late for shots,  i leave sunday
i did get some shots a few years ago for when i went to africa tho
i am a bit tripped out by the whole thing, but feel incredibly lucky.
I have a few days free after the festival, anyone ever been there?
Suggestions of what i should see or do in India??

all the best

this is a real great article, something you could email your republican dad…..
This Country Just Can’t Deal with Reality Any More
As Election Day 2010 approaches, the consequences of the nation’s three-decade-old decoupling from reality are becoming painfully obvious.

Long shot of venue pre show set-up

Pre-Show set up

Opening In NYC this week

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Monterey Pine Tree collage, Point Lobos

Closing Party Saturday, August 28, 2010. 6-9 PM

See it all end…
From Northern California
Closing Party: Saturday, 6-9 PM, August 28, 2010
136 watts york, ny 10013. 646 918 6824.

PRESS FOR THE NYC 8/2010 shew

In comparison to very tall trees, the San Francisco artist Kal Spelletich suggests, people are losers.
Passing through the flame one by one, the hot dogs are like tiny damned bodies suffering in a miniature hell.

and more……

German Art Critique of current show up at Jack Hanley:

Mehr Gutmenschen in New York
Dem Künstler Kal Spelletich sind die Hybriden aus Pflanze und Maschine für seine Ausstellung in New York nicht ganz geglückt. Doch spricht er darüber, können ihm die Worte nicht groß genug sein. Der Besucher fühlt sich indes in der Galerie wie auf einem Jahrmarkt.

The artist Kal Spelletich are hybrids of plant and machinery for his exhibition in New York not quite succeeded. But he talks about him, the words are not big enough. The visitor feels while in the gallery as on a fair.

Gallery Shot

Gallery Shot

Opening night

opening nights with Der kalifornische Künstler Kal Spelletich

can a machine for Barbecue “feeding the masses,” as they call Spelletich.

poor weenies

The ominous-looking device looks as if it belonged to the household of “Mad Max”. Hot dogs are skewered and over a flame in a circle it around. The poor sausage.

Hundreds of dogs cooked by the one-an-only Ivory Serra!

are hybrids of plant and machinery for his exhibition in New York not quite succeeded.

Crown of the New Yorks!

Kal Spelletich selbst spricht von einem „Frankenstein“, den er da geschaffen habe - von einer „unheiligen Allianz“,

Thank you so much for your contributions to help fund this show!
It means a lot to me. I am incredibly, deeply grateful. I can stretch this funding out far beyond my wildest dreams.

Jelle Gerbrandy
Daniella Jaeger
Scott Beale

Ron Lillycrop
Joseph Carames
Dustyn Roberts
Tree Nation Productions
Clif Duhn
Vanessa Speed
Christina rannacher
Emily Citraro

Gottfried Haider
Thomas Rødningen
cliff hedin
Cindy Phung
Jason Hadley
sudhu tewari
Robert Collison
Frank Hellum
Susan Spelletich
Al Honig

Robin Ward
Laura Lent
Tanya Augsburg
Jennifer Hall
Chris Johanson

James Goode
Chris Harvey
Aaron Paladinzero
Annabelle Port
Beth Waldman
jill storthz
Casey Winstead
Valid Notion
Nicole Aptekar
Vincent Fumo
Moses Hawk
Angela Moquin
JoAnne Northrup
Gina Borg
Matthew Kent-Stoll
August Wood
Stephen Daly

Rich Dana
John Huntington
Major Tom
Michael Rosenthal
Barbara Fried
Christopher Schipper
Kate Weigel

guy overfelt
Karen Broome
Steve Trombley
Donald Day
Kristin Abkemeier
Colin Turner
Leon Stankowski
Mikl Em

Sherwin Siy

I have a NYC show this week,
the opening is Thursday. August 5, 2010.

Show up for the opening.There are robot trees and large scale photos, a new BB-Q on the street serving up food for the masses annnnd the beer will flow freely!

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped with my fundraiser. I am so …. fulfilled!


From Northern California

Closing Party Saturday, August 28, 2010. 6-9 PM

Opening: Thursday, August 5, 2010 6-9PM
136 watts york, ny 10013. 646 918 6824.

2 shows i am in in Austin Tx.!!

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Last Days of my Fundraiser

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Bill Viola Statement
The acknowledgement or awareness or recognition that there is something above, beyond, below beneath what is in front of your eyes, what our daily life is focused on.
There is another dimension that you just know is there, that can be a source for real knowledge, and the quest for a connection with that and identifying that is the whole impetus for me to cultivate these experiences and to make my work.
And on a larger scale it is also the larger driving force behind all religious endeavors. There is an unseen world out there and we are all living it.

1997 catalogue. Whitney museum, David Ross-Peter Sellers


As far as my fundraiser……
I know a lot of you are not so into the online format of paying.
We can work this out!!
email me,

Any extra monies I get at this point will define how far I can take this exhibit…..
It ain’t over until it is over!

With more funding I can;

Get more food and drink I can provide at the opening and closing events!
Must feed the hungry masses in NYC with my new BB-Q

Print more large format tree pics!/album.php?aid=112484&id=663607442

Help with the very spendy shipping to and from, from across the continent.

Help me survive these next couple of months.

So, thank you old friends, new friends, family and complete utter strangers. I feel so very lucky. You have been so good moi and this project.

email me,


here is a little something from last nights show:!/video/video.php?v=1530295703072&ref=mf


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